Marketing Success Requires Stick-to-Itiveness

Marketing Success Requires Stick-to-Itiveness

As kids we were taught, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again.” Seems like sound advice, to me, wouldn’t you agree?

As a truism, it applies equally well to school studies, learning to ride a bike, and even asking your highschool crush out on a date for the third time! It’s also relevant to us as adults, from our relationships, to job hunting, and—naturally—business and marketing success.

But “try, try, try again” holds true only once you’ve given your first attempt at something a fair chance of working. Too often as marketers, we stop short—pulling the plug on a campaign or a strategy before it truly has time to generate the results we’re after.

Old school marketers of the “promote it and they will come” mindset remember those heady days when they could run ads in the local daily or buy a run of 30 or 60 second slots during morning drive to crank up the marketing volume whenever the bottom line dictated. Those days are gone.

Sure, there’s still a time and a place for promotion, but these days new school marketing has to compete across numerous channels to grab the attention of consumers. There’s so much noise and clutter out there, we simply can’t hope to run a few ads and expect any kind of return on investment. Instead, we have to take a more long-term marketing viewpoint, something I like to call marketing “stick-to-itiveness.”

For example, LinkedIn tells its users they should expect to see results from a well-run SEO campaign in 4 to 6 months  . . . really not the kind of instant gratification most marketers would prefer.

Similarly, social media campaigns typically take months—as in 3, 4, 5, or even 6—to start showing any meaningful traction in driving inbound traffic and creating brand awareness. Why? Social media is all about building communities around your brand. Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither will your social media results be built in a day, or a week . . . or even a month.

Marketing takes time, commitment, and a willingness to stick with something even if you don’t see instant results or even if you get bored with it.

Chances are you’re tired of looking at your homepage graphics and sales copy, or your company brochure or speaker’s packet. Sure, you want to refresh your website with new content on a regular basis for SEO purposes and to keep it fresh, but the core message, your sales pitch and the overall look and feel (colors, images, logo) of your website and your materials, probably haven’t changed for some time.

So here’s the catch, while you may be bored with it, YOU get sick of the content long before the market does. Though you’d like to think they do, the market doesn’t go to your website every day, and the market certainly doesn’t comb through every page.

The moral of this story is if you’re confident in the message, if you’re confident in your brand, don’t change just for the sake of changing, and certainly not because you’re bored with it. Instead pour your efforts into the stuff that is supposed to be kept up to date—your blog, social media, events, etc. Give it time to connect with the people it’s designed to connect with.

Of course, if you’ve lost confidence in something, or never had confidence in it in the first place, I’m not suggesting you stick with that “something” just to be obstinate. That would be foolish.

But when you’re confident you’ve done the hard work to build your brand, craft your messages, and align your organization’s culture top-to-bottom, then don’t lose faith in your efforts. Marketing success requires not only vision, it requires stick-to-Itiveness!

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