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Learn how we helped a non-exclusive keynote speakers bureau increase inbound qualified leads by 300% in less than 90 days
Inbound Marketing Case Study for a software installation and services firm
Inbound marketing case study on how a non-exclusive speakers bureau increased inbound leads by 300% in less than 90 days


As a small, non-exclusive speakers bureau that helps event and meeting planners find keynote speakers, our client had serious growth goals and were excited about the future. That being said, they weren't completely sure if their goals were achievable because their current "at bats" just simply weren't going to be enough. At the same time, they were up against fierce competition from a lot of the "big players" in the space and even some not-so-big players that resorted to "shady practices" to win business. They not only had a lead generation problem to solve, but they also had to figure out how to differentiate their brand along the way.


After assessing their situation, Elevator and its client engaged in a three phrase relationship: Planning, Setup, and Execution. During the first phase of Planning, a strategic inbound marketing plan was developed that provided a sound go-to-market road map for the coming 12-18 months. This plan addressed the client's needs for inbound leads as well as establishing marketplace differentiation. Additionally, Elevator made recommendations for buyer personas, channels, content, budget, timeline, and more.

In the second phase, Setup, Elevator developed the client's inbound marketing foundation that included setup of the HubSpot marketing automation and sales enablement platform, an inbound-optimized blog, landing page templates, email templates, and Elevator's "inbound marketing machine" — a five sequence marketing automation methodology developed for HubSpot that gives clients a system for indoctrinating, segmenting, nurturing, converting, and extracting inbound leads.

And finally in the third phase, Execution, Elevator executed quarterly campaigns under it's "Build, Drive, and Optimize" philosphy. That is, every campaign goes through a standardized cyclical process of building and deploying assets, driving traffic to those assets, and optimizing for maximum conversion.

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[fa icon="magnet"] Lead Magnets

[fa icon="desktop"] Landing Pages

[fa icon="certificate"] Calls-to-Action

[fa icon="envelope"] Email Marketing

[fa icon="cogs"] Marketing Automation

[fa icon="pencil-square-o"] Blogging

[fa icon="bullhorn"] Paid Media

[fa icon="bar-chart-o"] Analysis & Reporting

Inbound marketing case study on a non-exclusive speakers bureau


After just 90 days of deployment, our client experienced a 300% increase in inbound, marketing qualified leads (MQLs)! The content that was developed to generate these leads is also helping them create the much needed differentation that they were after. With Elevator's Inbound Marketing "Machine," Campaign Methodology, and access to up-to-the-minute performance metrics, they are now setup for success and have a road map for continued growth!


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