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xPrintServer Product Launch


xPrintServer enables wireless printing for iOS devices such as iPads® and iPhones®. It eliminates the need to print through apps, install software, or email yourself documents for printing.


I can print!

xPrintServer is a sweet little device that allows iPad and iPhone users to print wirelessly from their native print menus. We had two messages to communicate: First, wouldn’t it be great to print directly from your iPad? Second, xPrintServer is easy to use and small—fitting easily within any current printer setup.

New product, no time. No problem! (eek)

The xPrintServer launch would be the biggest in Lantronix history. It required real POW. And we did it all within 6 weeks.


Try it now.

What better way to show the awesomeness of the xPrintServer than to show frustrated print-wannabes contrasted with easy printing via xPrintServer? We developed two online spots with that theme—one for the office, and one for the home environment. Our characters demonstrated workflow issues with not being able to print. Our two-time hero, a mildly annoyed IT guy, swoops in to demonstrate just how simple and easy to use xPrintServer really is.


Off the charts.

The spots went viral in the technology community and won a bunch of awards. We’re happy. And Lantronix is happier because the xPrintServer story has increased Lantronix’ press coverage over 700%, and has delivered a 400% ROI.

700% increase in press coverage

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