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As the principal inventor of NAND- and NOR- type Flash memory in the 1980s, Toshiba has consistently led the way in developing non-volatile memory solutions. Toshiba’s innovation and reliability in flash memory technology can be seen everywhere – from consumer, mobile and industrial to OEM and beyond.


Celebrating society-changing technology (that no one’s ever heard of).

25 years ago, Toshiba invented NAND Flash technology, the launchpad for today’s phones and tablets with solid-state memory. The challenge: Promote the anniversary while simultaneously educating the market on how much NAND flash has likely changed their lives.


What would you do without NAND Flash? (Really!)

To bring the impact of NAND to light, we showed what life might be like without it. In a series of online spots, we conducted “human experiments”, depriving people of their Flash-enabled devices like smart phones, tablets, e-readers and digital cameras. The spots were promoted via a campaign microsite at, a social driven sweepstakes, and lots of PR (thanks to our buds at Lages Associates).


Life without NAND flash. A cruel experiment, indeed.

As it turned out, people really don’t want to run their lives without NAND flash. The campaign served as a turning point in targeting end-users for the Memory division, and exceeded expectations across the board.

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