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The Centre

A new, exciting concept in the retail world, combining community center with 4-star dining with event space and Lexus dealership—intended to help you get more done with a lot less stress.

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Championing a new idea.

How do you connect an established community with a radically new vision? In 2011, this was The Centre’s challenge. Already open two years, they were being pigeon-holed as a “super dealership” and needed to change the perception quickly.

A new brand category all together.

Through market research and customer profiling, we keyed in on the concept that having more time to enjoy life would be a critical message. At The Centre, guests can get a car serviced, practice their golf swing, and meet friends for lunch in a 4-star restaurant. By eliminating the need to drive around town to accomplish those separate goals, The Centre makes life more efficient and more enjoyable.


Everyday tasks within a resort experience.

Having no predefined category for The Centre, we aligned it with the experience one might have at a luxury resort. At The Centre, customers would be guests, and from arrival through to departure, they would be treated as such. We developed their new brand identity based on this theme, including the tagline “Time well spent.”

From there we developed brand language, headlines and speaking points to help The Centre and its employees communicate consistently and appropriately.


Cascade the concept.

With a solid brand foundation developed, we moved on to the website. The Centre needed to present itself as the resort concept it truly is—not as a super dealership. So we once again took a cue from the resort world and focused in on the benefits one would experience at The Centre and paired those with stunning custom photography.

Prepare to engage.

The Centre is actively rolling out its new brand to an eager public. Its concept has been well received by the community and people do indeed enjoy relaxing and dining at the resort-inspired beauty that was once known as a car dealership.

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