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CO-OP Financial Services is the largest provider of member services for Credit Unions. CO-OP helps credit unions leverage the latest technologies and trends to strengthen member connections and support growth.

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Meet the demands of today’s credit union members.

Credit unions are facing a changing world in which members demand convenience, integrative tools and a memorable brand experience. CO-OP’s Sprig app is the first in a host of game-changing offerings that addresses that need, specifically for a younger generation of credit union member.

Compete with best of breed mobile banking apps.

CO-OP needed help developing a brand and design for Sprig, an app that brings a member’s credit union accounts together in one place and enables P2P payments, remote check deposit, and even inter-credit union account transfers. The brand needed to communicate convenience, feel fresh—and be entirely CO-OP.


Rethink user experience.

Credit union members often have accounts at more than one credit union—so financial flexibility can be tough. Sprig beautifully presents all of a member’s accounts in one view, allowing easy access to pay bills, deposit checks and transfer funds between accounts. It was critical that the experience be easy and intuitive.

Become a banking experience for a new generation.

Winning the business of younger generations is important for credit unions today. Sprig was designed to meet the expectations of today’s consumer, who manages life and business from a smartphone.


An intuitive, highly useful mobile banking app.

Sprig launched in Spring 2014, featuring a streamlined user experience and fresh, clean design. It includes all the features—and more—that people can get with big bank mobile apps. And more so, Sprig is for credit union members only.

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