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Scatena Daniels Communications is a creative marketing communications firm that pairs strategic connections with innovative ideas to deliver on the unique goals of every client.

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Boutique communications firm, making a big splash.

Denise Scatena and Arika Daniels are at the helm of a small firm with a culture of giving all and more to clients and their causes. In 2009, we designed a nice little website for them as they transitioned into becoming business owners, and by 2012, Scatena Daniels’ reputation, work ethic and client roster demanded more.


Lots of content that fits your (read: any) screen perfectly.

Not only was the new going to house a lot of content, it had to look organized and chic. Plus, we knew their on-the-go clientele and prospects would often visit the site from tablets and smartphones.

How it all worked out.

Together with Denise and Arika, we organized and prioritized content types, and then designed a website that would present their content in an easy to view and use format that changed depending on the viewer’s screen size. What you see on a 21” monitor is quite different than your experience on an iPhone. Why? People’s needs tend to differ when accessing a site from an iPhone vs. desktop—so we accounted for that. Today, Scatena Daniels is a cutting edge, user-focused communications website that promotes the firm and provides users with what they need quickly.


New potential arises.

As often happens with talented, committed businesses, Scatena Daniels has hit their stride and fields inquiries daily. They needed to break out of the “Cute” approach and turn their website into a news-oriented, high energy communications portal. Essentially, they needed their website to better reflect what they do every day.

Latest technology fits.

While we spend a lot of time checking out the latest and greatest stuff we could do for clients, the virtue of “new” doesn’t necessarily warrant “right fit.” For Scatena Daniels, a new approach was actually a perfect fit: Responsive design.

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