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Pacific Divorce Management helps individuals and couples address the financial aspects of divorce in a civilized, equitable, and efficient manner by providing expert divorce financial planning and advice.

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Complex business model lacking a consistent message.

Pacific Divorce came to us with a question: Could we warm up their message without skewing it? Providing financial planning advice during a divorce is obviously a very touchy subject—and intricate to say the least.

Looking to scale nationwide.

Add to the mix that Pacific Divorce was preparing to expand with a franchise offering, so they needed everything buttoned up and consistent in order to more easily duplicate their model.


Develop a highly professional, but approachable brand platform.

We took a direct, professional approach with Pacific Divorce’s brand development. No frills, in a sense—but we made up for it with warm language and imagery. We determined that people in a divorce situation need the comfort of a secure, trustworthy partner. But they also need to know that partner empathizes. We carried these thoughts through the language, logo, and website development process.


Since we launched the brand and website, Pacific Divorce successfully launched its franchise model in 2013, and has received national recognition for their success in the divorce financial planning niche.

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