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A global leader in secure communication technologies, Lantronix is committed to innovation that makes our lives easier.

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Telling a new & different story.

Being asked to help a publicly traded Irvine, CA technology company stand out among Silicon Valley elites is a tall order. But when that company’s products makes lives easier and helps new businesses grow—it’s a different story.


Connecting man and machine.

“Connect smart. Do more.” was born from our mission to focus on the human benefit of Lantronix technology—not the features. No longer did the XPort Pro offer a 32 bit processor in a thumb-sized device—instead, it enabled doctors and nurses to check patients’ vitals from their mobile phones.


A new culture.

“Connect Smart. Do More.” has become a guiding principle for Lantronix. And it’s cascaded beyond the marketing, trade show booths and website—to permeate company culture and how they work.

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