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Happy Kites

Begun as a school project, HappyKites has become a no-kidding business for young Harley Ellis.

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Challenge and Solution

Artisan Kitemaker, age 14.

On a Sunday bayfront stroll in 2011, Frank and his family met young Harley Ellis selling homemade “HappyKites.” He had been inspired by a school project—and with a little extra perseverance, the kid was actually building a college savings on the business. Inspired by Harley’s exuberance and entrepreneurial spirit, we decided to give MicroKites a leg up.

Rekindling the joy of simple fun.

Starting with brand development, we spent time with Harley learning about the experience of buying and using his kites. We simultaneously researched low-tech, classic toys that required no batteries such as “regular” kites, slinky, and Etch-a-Sketch—looking for common themes, appeal and whimsy.


Careful to keep brand management simple, too.

We wanted to leave Harley with a brand he could manage and grow on his own. Therefore, we developed packaging to fit into his existing production process, and built his website on an easy-to-update CMS.

Stellar results.

Since launching Harley’s new brand and website, online sales of HappyKites have increased 450%!

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