CO-OP Financial Services is the largest provider of member services for credit unions, which in turn allows credit unions provide the latest technologies and trends to their members. With CO-OP, credit unions are empowered to support community connections and growth.

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Reimagine a future-forward content platform.

CO-OP Financial Service’s THINK platform is an innovative approach to appealing to clients. They pull in experts from different disciplines all over the world—and invite them to contribute their thoughts on what makes good business. The result is a robust, dynamic, engaging content platform with so much to offer, it’s bursting.

Help people explore and uncover fresh concepts.

One major problem we experienced with the THINK website was a lack of search and filter functionality. We had a ton of world-class content, but lacked a great way to explore it. Together with CO-OP, we reimagined content positioning, presentation, and search functionality to make the site experience as engaging as the content itself.


Weave common threads through an annual conference, regional events and an all-year content strategy.

In addition to great content, THINK is a well-rounded platform offering an annual conference and supporting regional events throughout the year. We tied it all together as one brand experience with fluid navigation, relevant calls to action throughout, and simple CMS management to keep event information always current.


A robust, energetic website with a continuously strong content strategy.

The new offers more ways to search content than ever before, and recommends relevant content based on your search history. It also presents events and items for purchase in an intelligent fashion to visitors who are most likely to need it. Our challenge moving forward will be to continue to support such amazing content with, well, more!

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