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CO-OP Credit Unions

CO-OP Credit Unions

Empowering People. Amplyfying Dreams.

CO-OP Financial Services is the largest provider of member services for credit unions, which in turn allows credit unions provide the latest technologies and trends to their members. With CO-OP, credit unions are empowered to support community connections and growth.

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Total category (un)awareness.

CO-OP Financial Services is the largest service organization for credit unions. Ask a guy off the street what that means or who CO-OP is, though, and you’ll get a blank stare. Add to that: Many people are unaware of what credit unions are in general—let alone the organization that supports them.

CO-OP and the credit unions it supports were missing a big opportunity.

Lack of category awareness meant CO-OP had to create its own opportunities to promote the vast network, banking conveniences, and community engagement that only CO-OP and its credit union network can offer.


The first (ever) national campaign that promotes credit unions to consumers.

We couldn’t just dive in with CO-OP and expect people to gravitate. So we took a two-pronged approach: Educate consumers on the value of credit unions—and then introduce the additional value brought by CO-OP.

Enter the CO-OP Credit Unions brand:A better way to bank.

Chase and BofA have national presence. Their scale alone connotes convenience. One credit union—even one with 20 branches—can’t compete. So we introduced CO-OP Credit Unions: The national credit union brand with more ATMs than Chase, innovative mobile banking solutions, AND a mission to give back to the community.

In the first 3 weeks of the campaign, over 20,000
people were introduced to CO-OP Credit Unions


Grounded, values-driven spokesperson AND a tool to take the first step.

Getting the word out for CO-OP Credit Unions had to have an organic appeal. It had to be community-driven, because that, after all, is the nature of credit unions to begin with. We armed Google+ sensation, and original community builder Daria Musk with the task. As someone determined to make it in the music business without depending on the big labels, Daria’s trajectory to success mirrors the values of credit unions.

Drive engagement with a mix of social platforms and digital advertising.

Together with O’Leary & Partners and Zenzi, we developed Amplifying Dreams, Empowering People—and set out to show our country’s milliennial generation what they’re missing out on by not joining a credit union. Launching a digital campaign heavy with social activity, we drove people to where they are encouraged to “Find a Credit Union” for themselves.’

National attention and thousands of visitors.

In the first 3 weeks of the campaign, we introduced over 20,000 people to CO-OP Credit Unions, and helped over 1,200 begin the journey to finding a credit union of their own.

Planning for the long road.

Establishing a national brand presence is a long-term engagement. Despite initial success, the campaign will continue to be fluid and adjust as we aim to become a completely natural part of the collective credit union marketplace.

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