City of Carlsbad

City of Carlsbad

This is Carlsbad, California and a Life in Action™. Imagine your career aspirations and dreams playing out 365 days a year in a perfect-weather environment built for outdoor adventures. Picture the heart of Southern CA, its casual lifestyle, blending seamlessly with a cutting-edge community that is changing the world. Come live your life in action!

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Promote Carlsbad, CA as an Ideal Place to Work and Live

OK, so this really wasn’t much of a challenge. After all, we live and work here. And it’s pretty amazing. However, the City of Carlsbad wants more businesses to relocate. So, our main strategic challenge was to show the depth of industry and innovation happening here. Presenting a well-rounded view of our city was critical to success for this website.


Present a Consumer Friendly Picture of Work and Life in Carlsbad

Appealing to citizens, not municipalities, was obviously critical. But we didn’t want to just sell them on Carlsbad’s beauty, because this was not a tourism site.

Easy Navigation and Fresh Thinking

We created a purposefully simple navigation, with just four main “buckets”: Work, Live, Learn, Connect. This enabled us to balance the content—showcase amazing lifestyle imagery alongside industry information. We also developed some custom elements that made the site very fun to browse. We like to think the site experience mimics the fresh, action-oriented thinking that happens in Carlsbad every day.


Recognition and More Recognition.

The City of Carlsbad’s Economic Development Division was very excited about this depiction of the city—but so were Economic Development Divisions all over the country. Carlsbad receives recognition and praise regularly about the website. Plus – and most importantly – they now have an amazing platform to drive campaigns to.

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