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For almost 20 years, Axacore has helped organizations streamline paper-intensive business processes and automate the flow of documents to team members, customers, partners, and vendors.

Challenge and Solution

One in a million.

Axacore makes and supports workflow management software. Their market is pretty saturated—in both solutions and look/feel. Seems in workflow management, there are a lot of copycats. Or people who just really love blue and orange. Axacore very much needed a new brand and look to differentiate effectively.

Stand out, be noticed, and make friends.

Our first step was to bring to light who Axacore is and what makes them different. Using primary and secondary research methods, we concluded Axacore is an accessible, friendly and customer-centric software provider. Their willingness to create and maintain relationships with clients is a factor that differentiates them from competitors. We felt it crucial to provide them with an identity to better suit their playful personality while accommodating specific needs to reach clients.


Embrace your workflow genius.

We formulated a new tagline, “embrace your workflow genius,” launching the start of this project. We provided them with full brand development, everything from redesigning their logo and business cards to transforming their website to reflect the friendly nature of Axacore. Our goals for this project were to provide a website that not only differentiates them but provides more calls to action, information to allow customers to opt in/opt out before calling and engages the customer on several different levels.

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