Your Virtual Sales Team – How the Conversion Automation Series Can Turn MQLs into Real Opportunities

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We’ve covered the importance of welcoming new contacts to the family, learning about their interests, and nurturing leads with valuable content. But, how do we get leads to take the important next-step down the funnel? That’s where the conversion series comes in! With a compelling, high-value offer, and a few automated emails, you’ll have appointments in your sales team’s calendar in no time.

What Is Conversion?

Think of the conversion series in marketing automation as the first true sales action. After contacts go through nurturing, the conversion emails will offer them something related to their interests (which we discovered thanks to segmentation) with a high value and low (or no) cost.

Ideally, by the time you reach the conversion stage, the contact is already familiar with, and trusts, your business. They have learned about you through the welcome series, and gained all sorts of helpful tips thanks to the nurturing emails. So, now they may be ready to take the next step in getting involved in you.

Structuring the Conversion Offer

Your conversion series should contain at least three emails. The first email should introduce the offer – and it should be practically irresistible to the contact. Don’t put too much between the contact and their ability to claim their offer, like going to a website and filling out a form. Instead, ask them to respond directly to the email to receive the offer. The following emails should remind the contact of the offer. Encourage them to act fast by mentioning it’s only available for a limited time or emphasizing its value.

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High Value and Low Cost 

For the high value portion of the offer, think about a problem your leads face that you can help solve, or a question that you can answer. For example, someone who is interested in online lead generation would appreciate a screen-share where you talk through five ways their website can be optimized for to boost conversions today. This be extremely valuable, as you are offering them something actionable and personalized to their needs, and their website. They will have a hard time saying no.

Ideally your conversion offers will have no monetary cost, and will simply be paid for with your contact’s time. This makes it even easier for them to say yes to the offer.

Though conversion emails are more salesy than the previous emails, they are still not a sales pitch. Make it clear to the contact that you are delivering something you believe would be of value to them, not trying to make a sale. If the contact believes your only motivation is to make a sale, the interaction will become less genuine, and he or she is more likely to turn away from you.

But, what happens if contacts have resisted all of your valuable nurturing and conversion offers? They get enrolled into extraction.

What Is Extraction? 

Extraction is your final attempt to engage a contact. The extraction emails occur when contacts have resisted all previous attempts to engage them with you or your business. The purpose of this step is not to get rid of people who have not responded to your offers. Instead, extraction emails are a final push to extract something useful from a contact. They usually happen after 90 days for leads or after one year for marketing qualified leads.

The Extraction Process

The first email inactive contacts receive in our extraction process asks for testimonials about the content they have received from you in the past. The second email may ask, “What frustrates you more than anything about [insert the topic that they are interested in]?”

If the contact responds to the first email and provides a testimonial, you have great content that you can use to beef up your website. If the contact responds to the question in the second email, you have gained more information to help you cater to other contacts with similar interests.

Another great option for extraction emails is to ask why they didn’t ever take you up on your offers, what kind of content they would prefer to see in the future, and so on. The extraction stage is largely about gaining information that will help you to better appeal to contacts in the future.

To learn how to craft your conversion or extraction campaign, check out the complete playbook. It offers templates for each, and strategies that work.

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Kendra is an Inbound Marketing Strategist at Elevator. Using her unique combination of creativity and obsession with detail, she helps her clients drive massive increases to traffic, leads, and opportunities through strategic inbound marketing campaigns.
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