Why You Need a Welcome Series to Make a Great First Impression and Keep Your Leads Engaged

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If your marketing department seems to be spinning its wheels creating one-off email blasts, it’s time you realize the full potential of HubSpot’s capabilities. When used properly, marketing automation software can help your businesses reach its marketing goals with very little time and effort on your end after initial setup.

At Elevator Agency, we created the 5-Funnel Automation Sequence to turn your HubSpot into a powerful lead nurturing and conversion machine. In this series of blog posts, we will explore each of the sequences, and how and why they’ll help you convert your leads into customers. Welcome to Part 1 of the series! It’s all about the welcome…

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The Importance of the Welcome Series

The first part of our 5-Funnel Automation Sequence is the welcome series. This is the foundational stage that allows your new contact to learn some basic things about your business. The impression you give in your welcome series matters – it plays a significant role in expanding your reach and increasing your traffic.

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People Want a Welcome More Than an Ad

A report by Experian Marketing Services revealed that 57.8% of people will open welcome emails, whereas only 14.6% will open other promotional mailings. The reason is simple; people would rather be welcomed than sold to. But, once you’ve got them with a welcome, your promotions will be more impactful because they’ve already engaged with your business. There’s no better time to make every effort to impress a potential customer.

A welcome series is your best chance to prove your business is worth the contact’s attention and gain a loyal customer or follower. If you fail to create a welcome series or make a poor impression in the one you do, the probability that the contact will open further promotions plummets. Take advantage of the consumer’s curiosity and craft a masterful welcome series.

The First Reach-Out

Your welcome series should consist of three to five emails, depending on your business and marketing strategy. The first email should be a brief introduction, but don’t let its brevity fool you; it is the most important email in the series, because it’s what helps potential contacts decide whether to follow you or toss the email. Offer a short but clear idea about what your business is, what you can do for them, and a description of the content you will deliver to their inbox.

Important Info to Include

Remember: The tone of your email matters. Embrace your business’s personality and avoid being overly formal – no one wants to feel like a bot duped them. It’s a fine line, though, between casual and lazy. Sending an email with slang words or text-talk is going to seem less professional. And, if there are grammatical issues, expect the wrong kinds of responses. You don’t want to spend time answering why you got their/there/they’re mixed up when your ambition is to expand your reach.

Your job isn’t done after you’ve crafted the perfect introduction. Subsequent emails should provide supplementary information, such as other products or services you offer. You could also talk about some facet of your business in more depth. You should talk about any aspect of your business that is especially interesting, appealing, or impressive – just make sure it stays personal and isn’t overly salesy.

A well-crafted welcome series is the perfect time to make a great first impression, but it serves some important technical purposes, too. Build a strong, persuasive welcome series and watch what it can do for your email marketing campaigns.

About Kendra Uminger

Kendra is an Inbound Marketing Strategist at Elevator. Using her unique combination of creativity and obsession with detail, she helps her clients drive massive increases to traffic, leads, and opportunities through strategic inbound marketing campaigns.
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