The Segmentation Series - It’s How You’ll Learn More About Your Potential Customers While Delighting Them at the Same Time

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It doesn’t take that long for savvy marketers to realize that it’s impossible to tap into every interest of every lead with a single topic. But, it’s also impossible to create content that topically relevant for every single person. That’s why businesses must split the difference, and divide and conquer. Segmentation is crucial for understanding how to interact with and nurture your contacts. Instead of trying to personalize content for every lead, divide your potential customers into segments. It’s an organic way to further your marketing campaign and reach the right person with the right words.

Segmentation involves grouping your contacts based on broad interests that tend to bring people to your website. Each group receives certain emails, depending on which interests they share.

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Know Your Audience

Whether you’re B2B or B2C, you’re still talking to people - so you have to know who you are talking to before you pitch. The more you understand your audience, the more effective your marketing efforts will be. This is where the second part of Elevator’s automation sequence comes in: segmentation.

Once you know your audience, you can easily segment it into groups with specific marketing tactics.

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Why Segmentation Is Important

Consider this: You download a budgeting calculator because you want to save up to buy a house. After downloading the calculator, you begin receiving emails about real estate agencies and houses on the market in your area. There undoubtedly is a connection between saving up to buy a home and real estate agencies and potential houses. However, the emails are not helpful. You are not going to have any interest in looking into real estate agents or houses before you have the money saved. More helpful emails would include information about saving money or tips to stick to a budget. Segmentation would help ensure you, the consumer, would only receive emails that are helpful today.

By segmenting your contacts, you can make sure they receive information relevant to them. If your loyal customers keep getting emails about things that aren’t relevant, they won’t be your loyal customers for long.

From the welcome series and into every subsequent email, your job is to prove that your emails are worth reading. Segmentation helps you build a great sender reputation with each contact, which is the goal of a strong marketing strategy.

When marketers were asked about how segmenting emails affected them in a Lyris Annual Email Optimizer Report, 39% reported an increase in open rates, 28% had reduced rates of people unsubscribing, and 24% found better deliverability and greater revenue. The results continued with reports of more increases with sales leads, retention, number of transactions, customer acquisition, word-of-mouth, and more.

How to Start Segmenting

Elevator Agency’s segmentation series allows contacts to self-select what topic they’re interested in. It sends your unsegmented database a series of free offers to download, all of which are about different topics. If a contact converts on one of the free offers, we now know which topic they care about, and can send them straight to their topically relevant nurturing track. This strategy is an easy first round of segmentation. As you get more data, you can continue to further segment your consumers.

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Kendra is an Inbound Marketing Strategist at Elevator. Using her unique combination of creativity and obsession with detail, she helps her clients drive massive increases to traffic, leads, and opportunities through strategic inbound marketing campaigns.
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