The One Thing That Will Make or Break Your Marketing

Posted in Marketing by Frank Cowell

So, I've been doing this marketing thing for a long time. Like, a really long time.

And I've noticed that there's one big factor, above all others, that can make or break the effectiveness of your marketing...


Seriously, that one factor is the most critical when it comes to executing effective marketing.

Ahead of positioning, messaging, the "creative" (side note: I can't stand what the marketing industry has done to that word), or anything else. There's something really magical that happens when you create momentum in marketing (anything, really).

I can't tell you how many companies I've witnessed take way too long when it comes to executing marketing. It's become this "decision by committee" thing that is fucking everything up — as a result, everything takes way too long. Meanwhile, competitors are punching faces and taking lunches.

A lack of momentum is the number one problem holding companies back when it comes to executing effective marketing. Hands-down. It's not even a contest compared with other factors. Prove me wrong.

If your marketing isn't producing the results you had hoped for, take a look at the momentum you have when it comes to execution. If you're not executing fast enough, here are my top three tips for fixing it.

The Top 3 Tips for Creating Marketing Momentum

Perfect is the Enemy of the Good

Stop obsessing over how perfect that blog post is. Get it out. Stop worrying about whether or not you have the right studio lighting for that video. Get it out. Stop overthinking. You're not executing enough. You're thinking too much. Get it out.

Here's a perfect example: I got a flash of inspiration to write this piece at 7:30am this morning, started writing it, procured an image, edited it, published it, and promoted it. All before 10:00am.

Marketing Must Always be on the "Front Burner"

Executive team, I'm talking to you. The companies that have the best marketing have organizational commitment. It was important when you approved the budget, so make it important all year long. Stop declining or bemoaning the marketing meetings. Show up. Energetically participate. Make it important.

Consistency X Time = Growth Potential

Marketing is just like going to the gym. How asinine would it be to go to the gym somewhat consistently in month 1, miss days in month 2, barely show your face in month 3, and then have the audacity to say "Man, that fucking gym sucks — I still look and feel like shit!" Pretty crazy, right? On the flip side, it actually works like this:

Month 1: Wow, getting up this early sucks. Everything is sore. I hate this. Do I really want a six pack? OK, I made a commitment to myself, I gotta keep going.

Month 2: I still hate getting up early, but it's a bit easier now. I've only lost a couple of pounds and I don't even have a 2 pack, yet. I wonder if I can scale back to three days per week? Shit. Keep going.

Month 3: I FUCKING HATE GETTING UP EARLY. I don't really get sore anymore, so at least there's that. Haven't dropped much more weight, but I seem to feel... "better"? I think I need to incorporate "leg day" into my routine.

Months 4-6: Getting up early isn't so bad anymore. Leg day sucks. I wonder if I can simply wear pants all of the time? For the first time in a long time, I feel good in my clothes!

Months 6-12: I'm not where I want to be, but I'm starting to notice results! I feel great and am starting to get compliments!

Months 13-18: This is strange — the routines that used to bring me results are no longer as effective. What's wrong with me? I feel like I'm failing and slipping backwards. Gotta change some things up.

Months 19-24: Wow, those adjustments made all the difference in the world — I feel like I've really hit my stride! I'm not 100% to my goal, but I'm now outperforming most others — get out of my way!

Months 25 and beyond: This is now a lifestyle. I look good. I feel good. I can't imagine living any other way. I now realize that this is all about consistency, feedback, and adjustments — there is no magic pill and sometimes, my adjustments won't produce the results I hope for, but that's OK. It's all a learning process. I'm now the best version of me.

I spent way more time telling the story of "Consistency X Time = Growth Potential" — it's that important. There are no "magic pills" when it comes to marketing.

Here's to your momentum!

About Frank Cowell

Frank Cowell is President at Elevator, a digital brand strategy agency based in the San Diego, California area. He works regularly with CEOs, CMOs, and VPs of Marketing who are looking to create amazing brand experiences while driving inbound leads. A self-taught programmer with a deep understanding of technology, Frank enjoys a unique blend of brand development and marketing savvy that enables him to offer fresh perspectives on often-complex marketing concepts that he distills into actionable, easy-to-understand language. An energetic and entertaining speaker, Frank presents regularly to regional and national organizations on topics related to branding and digital marketing.
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