Creating a Digital Roadmap for Your Marketing Strategy, Part I: Why They’re Important for Your Business

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Are your marketing efforts falling flat? Are you failing to covert leads, entice new prospects, and gain measureable results from your campaigns? There might be a simple solution: if your company lacks a digital roadmap, you could be spending marketing dollars with no true purpose in mind.

The success of your entire business relies on your digital marketing strategy. Why? Because your consumers are online, period. It’s doesn’t matter your industry or even if you have a brick-and-mortar store; the internet is where people go to learn more about you and make decisions about your brand – without even leaving the couch. Consider the following: 

The right digital marketing strategy can connect you with the wealth of consumers that are – literally – at your fingertips. Unfortunately, some businesses create more work for themselves by adopting an approach they think is comprehensive, but is more “everything but the kitchen sink.” You may dabble in PPC, conduct webinars, blog, and create new social media campaigns – yet, your efforts fail to drum up business.

Digital marketing is not about an “everything” approach, it’s about the right one for your brand. Unfortunately, there’s no “one-size-fits-all” solution for digital marketing – different approaches work for different brands, based on a target demographic.

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Why You Need a Specialized Digital Marketing Campaign


Say, for example, that your doctor’s requirement to complete a specialized residency program after medical school no longer applied. Would you trust your family practice doctor with a surgery? Or a neurologist to manage your high blood pressure? Probably not, because we don’t want to leave our health to chance. Unfortunately, companies do this with their marketing campaigns every day – without a specialized approach to a digital marketing plan, you run the risk of endangering your business – or at least experiencing an unfavorable outcome.

Without a clear sense of your digital marketing goals, you can fall behind in a hyper-competitive marketplace. Consumers want a way to see how you’re different, and without a digital marketing plan you lack a way to cut through the noise and make them see it.

There’s also your C-suite to consider – it’s difficult to prove ROI to your executives without some sort of planning. Blogging and utilizing hashtags can put you on the road to differentiation and profitability, but it depends on your approach.

This is where your digital roadmap comes in. Your digital roadmap will help you determine what’s wrong with your current approach, where you can improve, and outline activities you need to do to become more profitable. It includes things like engaging your target demographic, driving those visitors to your site, and creating more opportunities for your business.Request a free digital roadmap today! Your next level of growth starts with a strategic digital roadmap.»

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, tune into Part II of this series, in which we’ll outline the steps of your digital roadmap and how it will contribute to your business success.

About Kendra Uminger

Kendra is an Inbound Marketing Strategist at Elevator. Using her unique combination of creativity and obsession with detail, she helps her clients drive massive increases to traffic, leads, and opportunities through strategic inbound marketing campaigns.
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