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Elevator Continues to Welcome New Team Members


Carlsbad, Calif. – Nov. 6, 2013 – Elevator announces the addition of three new members, Andrew Cortez, Jed Bridges and Morgan Irons, to its growing team. Cortez joined the firm as a senior account executive in September. Bridges has recently accepted the position of senior web and identity designer and Irons is the agency’s marketing [...]

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Is Your Brand Geeky? Maybe It Should Be.

10.15.2014 | by Frank Cowell

Even customers who aren’t especially geeky about a product tend to develop stronger emotional connections to brands that are geeks for what they do. Plain and simple, we just like people and brands that like what they’re doing.

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From The Feet Up

10.7.2014 | by Frank Cowell

“You have to be in it from the feet up,” meaning you need to dress the part, act the part, speak the part, and even think the part “from the feet up”—or be all-in—to become a successful con.

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